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Rechargeable Uplighter

Rechargeable Uplighter

  • Rechargeable up-lighter with Remote Control.
  • This 32 LED light up-lighter operated by Remote Control, is a must have item for Wedding Planners, Even Coordinators, Function Rooms
  • and individuals.
  • Having the benefit of either being recharged or battery operated this is a versatile and easy to use product.
  • The Unit has an on/off switch as well as a light selection option. Choose from having all 32 lights on or only the lights around the rim.
  • Individual packaging – includes light, remote and Adaptor.

Transforms any centre piece into a stunning creation.


Size :
153 mm diameter
35 mm high

Battery Type :
3 x AA batteries – not included

Battery Life :
Up to 36 hours – if used on recharge mode up to 10 hours per charge

Colours :
Top – transparent
Base – Silver colour
Light colour – Colour Changing Options


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