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Rechargeable Induction T-Light kitCANDLE-GLOW light PRODUCT CODE meg 001

Rechargeable Induction T-Light kit
PRODUCT CODE meg ind 12


  • The induction T-Light kit comprises 12 LED T-Lights with on/off switches.
  • One charging base, one adaptor.
  • T-Lights are charged by placing them into the recess on the Charging base.
  • 8 Hours of charging = up to 20 hours of heat, wax and flame free light!

APPLICATION : Perfect for the Hospitality industry, Beauty Salons, Wedding Planners, Event Coordinators, and discerning home owners looking for effective, efficient and safe candle-light options Tlights have a CANDLE-GLOW coloured light which simulates that of a traditional flickering candle. This smart product is easy to use, budget friendly and time efficient.


Kit comprises : 12 x LED Tlight candles, each with it`s own on/off switch 1 x charging base. 1 x adaptor. 2 CHARGING BASES CAN BE INTERLINKED AT A TIME Tlight Candle Sizes : 50 mm high x 39 mm in diameter. Charger Base Size : 303 mm x 124 mm x 39 mm. Charging Time : 8 hours. Illumination Time : 20 hours per Tlight. Unit charges up to 500 times !!! SOME USEFUL FACTS : The Tlight Candle simulates a flame, without any of the hazards. Candles are wind resistant making them perfect for al fresco dining. Our range of holders has been carefully selected to complement these candles. REASONS TO USE THESE PRODUCTS : No more hot wax dripping on your freshly laundered table linen. Gone are the days of having to deal with smoke film deposits on walls and ceilings as these Tlights are smoke and flame free. Burnt menus are a thing of the past. Time used cleaning wax from candle holders can be better spent. AND for the great entertainer ~ nothing could be simpler than following our easy four step recipe : Step 1 – Charge the Tlights. Step 2 – Switch on. Step 3 – Place on dinner table. Step 4 – Sit back and enjoy the compliments. WE PROVIDE THE LIGHT ~ YOU CREATE THE MOOD

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